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At ArtLab, we hire the school's own art teacherto teach our afterschool classes. Teachers can choose to teach one or two sessions per week. This arrangement can benefit both the program and the teachers.


How teachers benefit the program

Art teachers bring a number of great advantages to their work for ArtLab in teaching enrichment classes:

  • They know the kids – The art teachers are already working with many of the school’s students during the school day, so joining ArtLab  in the afterschool time is a great way for teachers to expand their relationships with kids. The teachers already know their kids’ personalities, their predispositions and their learning styles, which are great assets for any instructor in an ArtLab class.

  • The kids know them – As much as the teachers know the kids, the kids also know their teachers and the kids want to take additional classes with their favorite teachers.

  • They know the school and its community – The classroom teachers also have intimate knowledge of the school: the building, its staff and its families. As a result, the afterschool teachers become a great resource for ArtLab in managing the program throughout the school year.


How teaching in the program benefits teachers

  • Better relationships with kids – Teaching an ArtLab class gives art teachers the ability to expand and improve their personal relationships with the school’s students. Being able to connect with kids in a more informal afterschool environment provides the teachers with another tool for building their student relationships which can have a positive impact on their work with students during the school day.

  • Extra income – Teaching an ArtLab  is also a great way for an art teacher to increase personal income in a meaningful way. 

  • Fun! – Every teacher knows that it is a lot of fun to teach a class related to a subject they love and are passionate about. By teaching an ArtLab class, art teachers get a chance to work on new projects or use materials or methods they might not use in their regular classrooms. ArtLab provides all the materials, supplies and lesson plans to make it easy for the teacher. There is no prep work involved other than setting up the materials. 

* In the event that the art teacher is not interested or available to teach the classes, we can provide our own teachers. 


How will families find out about the program?

ArtLab will provide the school flyers to promote the class. We can also attend school events to provide more information to the families.

How do my students register?

Parents/guardians will visit our registration page to register their children.

Are classes offered year-round?

Yes, classes do go year-round and meet once a week. Parents will register and pay per semester. Each semester has 12-15 classes. Students may enroll during the first month of each semester, if there is availability. The cost per semester is $240-$300 depending on the number of weeks offered.

Are all lesson plans and materials provided?

Yes, teachers will be provided supplies and lesson plans every 3-4 weeks.

What are the class sizes?

We have a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 15. If available, the teacher can offer another session to accommodate more students. Parents/guardians can join our waitlist if classes are full.


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