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At ArtLab, we value imagination, exploration, collaboration, belonging and joy.


Imagination - Our teachers begin the lessons by providing guiding questions that allow students to develop ideas and bring forth their own background knowledge about a certain topic. By presenting their ideas visually, students are able to capture complex and abstract concepts. Art fosters imagination, creativity and personal interpretation of ideas and topics. 

Exploration - Our students are encouraged to express what they are doing and what they are thinking as they complete their projects. Teachers provide examples of how to explore, ask questions and engage in discussion. 

Collaboration - Learning is a collaborative process. We provide students with activities that are engaging, stimulating and multilayered to develop a positive interdependence among them.  Research has shown that children in mixed-age classrooms have increased social and emotional understanding, engage in both collaborative and independent learning with greater ease, and have more positive peer interactions than their counterparts in single-grade classrooms.


Belonging - At ArtLab, we create an inviting and safe space that celebrates each student and what they bring to the table. Hiring the school's own teachers ensures that the students feel safe with a teacher they trust, and that the teacher knows the student's personalities and learning styles. 

Joy - Joy is contagious! We know that students are more open to learning when they are in a lighthearted and happy environment. Our teachers understand that a positive classroom climate is built through teacher and student connections and interactions. 

Kids Illustration
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