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What ages does ArtLab Enrichment Program serve?

We serve students in kindergarten through second grade.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost per semester is $240 - $300, depending on the number of weeks offered. 


What should my child bring to class?

Please provide a snack and a water bottle for your child.

Where does the class take place?

All ArtLab classes take place in your child’s school. We will notify you of the exact location before the first class meets.

When does registration open?

Enrollment for families will typically open a month before the semester begins.

How can I get on the waitlist?

Our classes are limited to 15 students. We strongly encourage families to get on the waitlist as we may have more spaces open in the first couple of weeks.  To get on the waitlist, please email us at

Can I register my child if they do not attend the school where afterschool programming is taking place?

ArtLab is only open to students who attend the school where the programming is taking place. If you would like your school to offer ArtLab classes, please send us an email at

What does the registration fee cover?

The non-refundable registration fee is to be paid in advance to enroll a child. The registration fee covers one semester of weekly, one-hour classes and all the supplies and materials needed to complete the lessons.

Does ArtLab offer a partial attendance option?

We do not offer partial or drop-in attendance payment options. You are free to attend the program as often or little as you would like, however, the registration fee remains the same.

What is your cancellation policy?

We reserve the right to cancel a class that does not reach its minimum enrollment and will provide a full refund. We encourage early registration to ensure that classes reach minimum enrollment. All registrants will be notified prior to the class start date of any cancellations.

We will include one make-up date in our schedule to be used in case of a teacher absence. For additional teacher absences, families will be offered the options of a refund or credit for the class or classes that are canceled. The amount will be calculated by dividing the registration fee by the total number of classes in a semester. 


We will do our best to issue the refund within 1-3 business days from the day the form has been submitted by the client. Once the refund has been issued, it can take between 5-10 business days for the refund to show up in the client's account. 


To receive an ArtLab credit, we will email you information about the credit and how to use it.

What is your behavior policy?

We are committed to providing a safe, positive, and structured environment for all children in the afterschool program. Activities in the afterschool program are different than the regular school day in that they meet infrequently. To make the most out of that limited time we need all students to follow appropriate behavior from the first day. This allows us to maintain the quality and safety of every activity for all of our participating students. Please review the following general rules that will guide the program. It is imperative that students, parents and staff understand the expectations of the program. We ask that you discuss the information listed below with your child. We appreciate your efforts and thank you for continued support in making appropriate behavior a priority for all children.

 General rules:

1. Show respect to teachers, fellow students and the learning environment at all times and always use respectful language when addressing staff and students.

2. Always follow instructions set forth by after-school teachers for each activity.

3. No disruptive behavior, including fighting, violence of any kind, or inappropriate language.


What is your late pickup policy?

Parents should make every effort to pick up their children on time.  Consider weather and traffic conditions when making your pick-up arrangements. If your children are not picked up within 10 minutes after class is dismissed there will be a late pick up fee of $10.


ArtLab has the right to refuse service to any client for any reason they see fit.


Release and Waiver of Liability: Guardian agrees to release and hold harmless ArtLab Enrichment Program and it's teachers from any and all liability, and forever give up any claims, demands, or causes of action, whether for bodily injury, property damage, death, or other loss, arising from child's participation in a Program, whether caused by the active or passive negligence of a Participating Entity or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from ArtLab Enrichment Program.

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