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DIY Solar System

During each class, students will make and take home an art project related to a science topic.  All supplies and make-and-take home materials are included in the registration fee.


Introduction - During the introduction, the teacher determines the students' background knowledge by asking questions. Some lessons also include simple experiments. 

Vocabulary Words - Every lesson includes 4-5 vocabulary words related to the science focus and the art focus of the day. Teachers introduce the words and students have the opportunity to define them and use them in context.

Art Project - Students spend the majority of the class working on an art project. All projects are designed to be completed within the hour-long lesson. 

Clean up - All students are expected to help clean up, in an effort to help them build a sense of responsibility and self-reliance.

Extension activities - All lessons include 1-2 extension activities that students can complete if they have enough time left in the lesson. 

This year's lesson topics include the water cycle, animals and their habitats, plants and fungi, conservation and ecology, space exploration, minerals, ecosystems, agriculture, and many more! Students will explore a variety of art techniques and will have the opportunity to use materials such as tempera paint, ink stamps, markers, watercolor pencils, watercolor paint, tempera paint sticks, and many other crafting materials. 

Rocketship art project
Buzzing Beetle art project
Birch trees art project
Boy working on an art project
Jellyfish art project
Sun art project
Rain cloud art project
Painted paper flowers art project
ArtLab Project
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